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Playing it Cool with the AC Refrigeration Cycle

cleaning air condition

cleaning air conditionSimply put, an air conditioner is like a refrigerator: it transfers the heat from inside the home to outside. At the heart of this process are chemicals that convert from gas to liquid and back again. Engineers call this the refrigeration cycle.

Here is a closer look at exactly how AC units work to make things cooler and more comfortable indoors.

An AC and Its Parts

Think of an AC as a unit that draws heat from within your home and dumps it outside using the following parts:

The refrigerant is like the blood of the AC that changes from gas to liquid when drawing in the heat from the home.

How the Other Parts Work

Conduct Air Conditioning likens the compressor to the heart of the unit. This pumps the refrigerant through the system in a loop. The refrigerant enters the compressor as a low-pressure warm vapour and leaves it as a high-pressure hot gas. From the compressor, this high-pressure hot gas moves into the condenser, cooled by blowing air here and converted into a hot liquid.

This hot liquid then passes through a tiny opening called the expansion valve, and transforms into a low-pressure cool mist owing to the effect of gas expansion. This mist finally moves into the evaporator coil.

The evaporator has fins that circulate air in a room. Owing to circulation, hot air rises towards the ceiling while cooler air remains at the bottom. The AC sucks this hot air, goes down the ducts, and used by the evaporator to heat up the refrigerant and turn it from a cold liquid into a warm vapour. The air thus cooled blows back through ducts at the floor level.

With the warm vapour re-forming via the evaporator coil, it moves back into the compressor and condenser to continue the cooling cycle.

Knowing how an AC works can help you optimise your room to take advantage of it. This would make your air conditioner work less for better results, leading to reduced utility costs.

What is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program?


nursingWorking in the medical field is a privilege of the few, for it requires plenty of skills and stamina. Those who do not want to become doctors, but still wish to remain in this discipline, can look at the nursing career as a lucrative option. This profession can give you the satisfaction of serving humanity, while at the same time fetch you a decent remuneration.

To take up a career in nursing, aspirants must go through the Bachelor of Science in Nursing or BSN program in a medical school. Here is an overview of the BSN program.

Program Information

The Roseman University of Health Sciences defines the BSN program as a four-year course in preparation for a career as a nurse. Nonetheless, if you have other allied degrees, or undergone a nursing coursework previously, you could finish this program in 2 years. The program itself constitutes of three things:

• Classroom study
• Laboratory work
• Clinical experiences

Together these three parts of the program provide you with not just education in nursing, but well-rounded knowledge for working in the medical field.

Some Prerequisites

To qualify for the BSN program, there are different prerequisites in terms of education in some institutions, while others may have none at all. For example, some institutions offering the BSN program may require you to have completed courses in the sciences, English, communication, philosophy, statistics and social studies. A few others may ask you to complete courses in anatomy and physiology before you can take up the nursing major course.

Course Topics

In the BSN program, the following is a list – by no means exhaustive, however – of what you can expect to learn:

• Nursing and healthcare management.
• Health assessment.
• Medical ethics.
• Nutrition and healthcare systems.
• Special nursing needs.
• Patient psychology.

After undergoing these courses and armed with the BSN degree, you can become a registered nurse, or an RN. A registered nurse assumes greater responsibilities and roles in a medical setting. The icing on the cake is the compensation, which is more than just decent, but most nurses work in this field because their passion is in the soothing of the aches and pains of people.

Asset Management Systems: Which Works for You?

Asset Management Systems

Asset Management SystemsAsset management systems are software tools or Internet-based applications that help large organisations, small businesses and individuals manage their resources. Some of these tools are created to manage fixed material goods, some for managing digital resources and others for supporting nearly all types of assets.

Depending on the specific needs, the appropriate software can be used. Here are examples by

• For personal use

If an individual uses such a tool, they can use it to monitor fixed and movable resources. This tool can also aid in maintaining an inventory of the home valuables, digital resources and other items of importance. This kind of tools can be bought as a single system, or it can be integrated with any other personal accounting package that you are using for your personal finances.

• Small business requirements

For smaller companies it might be affordable to get only those software tools that manage specific kinds of resources. A tool which manages all kinds of resources might not be necessary and it might also be a lot more expensive. Software tools to track employee attendance, project schedules and stock inventory, can be bought individually or customised per the specific requirements of small businesses. The digital resource can also be integrated with this kind of software, if the size of the company warrants it.

• Larger businesses and organisations

For much larger companies, comprehensive tools that can handle several kinds of assets within a single system are preferred. Since the various resources will be spread over many divisions of the company, this centralised program can help manage and report resources both separately and together. If necessary, these can also be linked to other accounting software tools, which the company might already be using. The management of digital resources needs to be in a separate program in large organisations, as digital services will be much more in number as compared to other resources.

Thus, there is a tool available for all kinds of businesses and individuals. Research well and pick one that will suit your requirements.

The Necessity of Regular Dental Appointments

Effects of Smoking

Effects of SmokingDental problems are a reality for people everywhere. While some people experience mild and manageable aches, some go through excruciating pain like a swelling on one side of the face or bad breath due to an oral disease. Dental problems occur due to bad oral hygiene or even root canal infections that may happen from the consumption of too many carbohydrates such as sugar and other sweet items.

Regardless of the problem, any threat to your oral health should be addressed as quickly as possible. Here is a quick rundown on why dental care in Dublin or wherever you live in Ireland is necessary:

Poor Dental Care

Believe it or not, a lot of people take their dental health for granted. Many think it is okay to skip brushing every now and then, especially when they are too tired at the end of the day. Know, however, that not brushing your teeth before going to bed is something you should never do. The time you are in bed gives the bacteria in your mouth enough time to cause significant damage that may become troublesome in the long run.

The Effects of Smoking and Other Problems

Excessive smoking or use of tobacco products can lead to all sorts of problems that may not be immediately visible. Nicotine stains appear on teeth, and smoking can also cause some serious discolouration on the teeth. You need to see your dentist regularly to make sure your teeth are still in good condition despite your vices.

Getting Routine Procedures Done Regularly

Regular dental check-ups are necessary to keep teeth clean and healthy. Oral prophylaxis typically involves a process called scaling where water jets are used to clean accumulated tartar deposits between teeth.

There are many reasons to seek regular dental care, the most important one being the maintenance of good overall health. Oral infections may lead to more serious complications, so it is best to get things treated before a problem becomes severe.

5 Things You Will Learn After Finishing Your First Triathlon


TriathlonCompeting in a triathlon for the first time is a one of a kind experience. No matter how hard you train, nothing can really prepare you for how grueling and challenging it is. But throughout the race, you will learn several things, and gain a deeper appreciation for the sport.

1. You don’t have to be a hardcore athlete – While you will definitely see a large number of incredibly fit and athletic people at the starting line, many of the participants will look like the average person on the street. They might not get the best times, but they can finish just like everyone else.

2. The triathlon is a contact sport – Especially when swimming, it is inevitable that you occasionally hit people or get hit by them. Scratching, pulling, and everything else is just part of the sport. This is a jarring experience at first, but don’t let it get to you; just keep going forward, and do your best to give people some space.

3. What gear you wear matters – There’s a reason people shell out cash for special triathlon gear, and it certainly isn’t because of fashion. Erik’s Bike Shop strongly recommends having the right accessories, attire, and recovery drinks to help keep you in the race. Even the smallest factors become something huge in a triathlon.

4. It is more than a sum of its parts – A lot of amateurs mistakenly assume that just because they are good at running, swimming, and biking, they will find the triathlon relatively easy. But doing all three right after the other, especially in such extreme lengths, is an entirely different challenge. You will be surprised at just how much more difficult doing the whole race is.

5. Pros are really nice – One thing you will probably notice is that when you’re absolutely exhausted, many of the people that pass you by will yell out some words of encouragement. This is especially true for the more experienced participants; even if it’s a race, there is a strong sense of camaraderie that binds everyone together.

The most important lesson that you will learn, though, is that you have far more willpower than you ever thought possible. Finishing a triathlon for the first time is an incredible feeling, and you will never forget that sense of accomplishment.

Three Stunning Gardens Worth Visiting

garden of versailles

garden of versaillesWith Perth’s beautiful sceneries and ample lands, it is definitely one of the best places to settle in Australia. Not only do you get to enjoy the great outdoors, you can also own a house with an actual backyard or, if you are very lucky, acres of land.

Definitely, Perth is not one of those congested metropolitan cities. You can either go cosmopolitan, but you can also choose the suburbs, which are just minutes away from the financial district. It is no wonder then that you can find excellent landscaping services in the area. The locals have been having great fun turning their backyards and big pockets of lands into beautiful gardens and inspiring spaces.

Before ringing up the one of the landscaping companies, you might want to take a peek at some of the world’s most fabulous gardens for inspiration. You may not have the same huge budget, but you just might get a few ideas from these unbelievably beautiful places.

The Gardens of Versailles

First up, of course, the wonderful, jaw-dropping gardens of the Versailles and one of Louis XIV’s enduring legacies. Done in the classic French Garden styles, it features perfectly designed lawns, manicured obsessively with grasses and shrubs cut into curious shapes. If you are the type who likes a fancy garden, then this might be the right inspiration for you.

The Shinnyo-do Zen Garden in Japan

If you prefer your space to exude calmness and an ambience that puts the heart and the mind at ease, then you should check out the Shinnyo-do Zen Garden in Japan. It is basically ruled by great symmetry and there is none of the gaudy or over-the-top landscape designs found in other gardens. One of its instantly recognizable features is the carefully arranged pebbles and beautifully executed swirls on the sand, which oddly enough, creates a peaceful vibe.

The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is definitely a product of this century. A mixture of huge foliage and intricately designed light posts, it gives off this otherworldly vibe. Aesthetically, the fusion of nature and technology is just sheer perfection. The experience one gets from it is akin to stepping into another world.

These similarly beautiful, but aesthetically divergent, gardens are definitely worth checking out for inspiration.

How a Foreclosure Lawyer can Help You Save Your Home

mortgage lawyer

mortgage lawyerHandling the foreclosure of your home may prove to be a difficult and complicated task. Having a professional aid you with the task is a simple way to ensure that things proceed smoothly.

A foreclosure lawyer, explains, could help you understand the options you have, and will do what they can to prevent your home from being foreclosed. Hiring the services of a legal practitioner to help you with the foreclosure process ensures that you are well represented when you are negotiating with the lender.

Here are some things that an attorney specializing in foreclosures can help you with:

  • A lawyer can help you negotiate with your lender to help you get an extension. They can help you work out the terms of your re-negotiation, and get you the best possible terms that could allow you to keep your home longer.
  • A foreclosure lawyer can help you assess your financial situation and make an informed decision about your next course of action. He can also provide you with valuable advice so you make the best of your situation as well.
  • A foreclosure attorney is trained to help you gather details of your foreclosure, and come up with possible defenses and counterclaims to could help your case.
  • Each state has its own foreclosure laws. A foreclosure attorney can provide you with specific advice about the foreclosure laws in your state, and also help you find ways to legally keep your home.

If you are facing the foreclosure of your home, you should hire a good lawyer to help you with your case. There are many companies and attorneys in Florida that offer advice on foreclosure cases. Find a reputed foreclosure lawyer in Florida based on recommendations from your friends and family. Alternatively, you could search the online and local directories for listings of lawyers specializing in foreclosure.

A DIY Guide to Vinyl Fencing

vinyl fencing

vinyl fencingWood and vinyl are two of the most preferred materials for fencing. Many people like vinyl, as such fences are low on maintenance and come in various attractive styles. You can have your fence installed by professionals, or go the DIY (do-it-yourself) route if you have the tools and are handy with them.

Here is more information on installing your fence in Salt Lake City, courtesy of

• You can do it yourself too

If you enjoy the do-it-yourself option, installing a fence is not all that complicated. At first glance, it might appear challenging, but with a little guidance you can do a good job. Vinyl fencing usually has groove pickets in them. These help in locking the pieces together for better privacy and security.

Ensure that the sizes match the area you need to cover. You can either get the flat board type or the dimensional look, depending on the amount of privacy you want. Make sure you do not encroach on your neighbors’ property when you are fencing yours, though.

• Customize according to your requirements

There are some latest models which come with very sophisticated and stylish aluminum reinforcements. This gives extra protection near the bottom rails. You can also have these customized with special designs for your unique requirements and functions. Pick the most durable material so they will last longer.

You will need a tape measure, something to dig holes in the soil with, and a string line. These fences come with detailed instructions on how best to install them. You can also get further assistance from the customer care helpline or online.

• Why install a fence in the first place?

Fences provide adequate privacy, improve your property’s aesthetics, protect it from burglars, and also keep stray animals away. These are almost as strong as metal, wooden, or wire fencing. You can pick the lattice type, the horizontal rail varieties, or the picket topped, depending on what you think will enhance the beauty of your home.

Get this kind of fencing installed today, and enjoy their presence for decades, as they remain as good as new with little care and maintenance.

What is Composite Decking?

Composite Decking

Composite DeckingEarlier, wood solely comprised a deck. It used to be treated cedar, pine or redwood. This requires a good deal of maintenance and care though. Annual resealing, staining and sanding for some types of wooden decks are a necessity, while for some others only after a few years.

Easy to Maintain

In the last decade or so, some astute manufacturers recognized the need for a lower maintenance option. Thus, they researched and came up with a viable alternative. This is in addition to the plastic, vinyl and aluminum decking, and later known as composite decking.


This material comprises at least two materials, usually plastic and wood. Both materials undergo processing to give the ease of maintenance of the plastic decks while having the appearance of wood.

The wood for this kind of decking come from wood fiber, sawdust and chip byproducts of the lumber industry. On the other hand, the plastic used can be either virgin plastic, or material sourced from the recycling industry.


In Salt Lake City, composite decking contractors typically mix the components along with a preservative and pigment. They heat this mixture, shape it into boards and then set to cool. The resulting product is heavier, but not stronger than wood. Still, it is resistant to warping, splintering and rotting. The material does not need painting, sealing or staining, as well.

Durable and Cheaper Alternative

The material is durable, but some composite decking may fade after a while. Still, if it receives proper maintenance – such as regular cleaning – it will be functional for a long time. Speaking of cleaning, you can wash it with regular soap and water at least twice a year.

Composite decking is durable, easy to maintain, not as expensive as wood yet does not come with other disadvantages of wooden products. This is why they have become very popular, and now most sensible homeowners choose this material for their deck.

Driving in the Fog with Minimal Risk

Driving in the Fog

Driving in the FogFog is a driving hazard that you rarely think about. That is, until you are right in the middle of it.

Driving in the fog isn’t just bothersome, but also dangerous. It’s like driving while you’re blindfolded. Naturally, it increases your chances of figuring in a vehicular accident. To help you drive safely even when your car is enveloped by fog remember the following tips:

Slow down

As you’re having trouble seeing where you’re going, it only makes sense to drive slow. The thick fog could affect your judgment, though. To help you control your speed, glance at the speedometer now and then.

Activate low beam headlights

With limited visibility, your first thought would be to use the high beam headlights. When you are driving in the fog, however, this will only restrict road visibility even more. Your high beams will reflect off of the fog and impair your vision even more.

Keep an eye on the right-side pavement

Driving near the center line will only move you closer to approaching traffic. Instead, use the right-side pavement as your guide. This will help you avoid running into oncoming vehicles or being distracted by their headlights.

Use an anti fog mirror

As a safety measure, install an anti fog mirror on your car. The anti fog technology improves your side mirror’s visual clarity. This increases your protection as it keeps your side mirrors from collecting excessive moisture, even in the midst of heavy fog.

Ultimately, do not stop your car. Even if your natural reaction tells you to, do not stop in the middle of the road. As much as possible, look for a safe spot to pull over, such as a gas station. This should be far from traffic. Remember to turn off your headlights to avoid giving other drivers the impression that you are in the travel lane, and to avoid a collision.