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Personalized Bracelets: The Perfect Gift for a Loved One


Personalised bracelets make attractive gifts, both for men and women of all age groups. This is more so in the case of well-designed nomination bracelets, which are popular because of their coiled shape that make them comfortable and easily wearable. Letter beads may be added to the wire top to write out a personalised message or name. These beads are usually made from metal, plastic or clay.

Personalised accessories not only make great fashion add-ons. They also have enormous sentimental value to those who receive them. This is because they give the distinct impression that the giver spared the time to customise the gift to fit the receiver’s taste. Also, a lot of thought has gone behind it.


To buy the right bracelet, here are some pointers from Jaso Jewellers, one of the UK’s leading online jewellery shops:

  • When buying one for young people, say, your daughter, godchild or even a niece, remember that they tend to like chained items because they appear trendier. Their names can be spelt out by way of a letter pendant charm. Chains also allow you to hang multiple dangling charms to make the bracelet look even prettier.
  • However, if the item is for an infant, it may tell some story through photo-embossed charms of how the parents met. This is particularly special if it’s a first child. For instance, if the parents got to know each other in Washington, the jeweller may be asked to fix a pendant of Capitol Hill or the White House as a symbol. Also, pendants depicting stars, flowers, and butterflies may be added in clusters. Avoid adding precious gems, as they may fall off and get lost. Moreover, as children grow fast, gifting an adjustable charm bracelet is your best choice.
  • For teenagers and adults, you may go for a gold, silver, platinum or white gold bracelet. This would depend on your budget and the preference of the receiver. Spelling out your wife’s or fiancée’s name on the bracelet along with a short message also adds sentimental value.

You may also give engraved and embossed nomination bracelets for teenagers and adults or even to your loved ones. Fixing gemstones to bangle bracelets also adds class and makes them look fancier.

A Limitless 30th Birthday Party on a Limited Budget

birthday party

You’ve put your troubled teen days behind you. Even the tottering twenties are over when you had faltered between what course to take up and which company to get into. You’re now in your 30s and decidedly more mature. This is also the period when you start considering some age-defying procedures, even if it means spending oodles on anti-wrinkle creams and Botox treatments. Naturally, this calls for a huge celebration, and what better way to ring in the 30s than by throwing an elegant 30th birthday party!

birthday party

If you’re stuck for some grand 30th birthday party ideas, read on.

Host a dinner party

You’ve reached your 30s and are supposed to be all grown-up. So, put those wild partying ways behind you and go for a classy dinner party instead. Reserve a few tables at your favourite restaurant or display your culinary skills to your families and friends. You can also set up a small gathering in your chosen 30th birthday party venue.

Plan an overnight stay

If you just want to enjoy some privacy with your partner on this special occasion, plan an overnight stay. Choose some place you had long-planned to visit, but never did due to work commitments. With an overnight trip, you need to go overboard with expenditures and you may even need to take lengthy time-offs from the office. While you’re at it, why not include a luxurious hotel stay in The Alliance Hotel, a fun activity, and an upscale dining fare on the to-do list? That would certainly jazz up your special day!

Pamper your significant other

This is especially true if your partner is turning 30. It’s a fact that more than men, it’s the women who dread this period as it symbolises the end of youthfulness. Just to bring them out of that mood, consider pampering them with a special appointment at a beauty parlour or a spa. Go a step ahead and pamper your partner with a breakfast in bed, nice spread for lunch, and a sit-down dinner at some fancy restaurant.

Elegant gifting

If your partner is the non-birthday party kind, just give him or her an elegant gift — something that they’ve been wanting to have but never got down to buying. This will certainly make their day memorable.

Credit Insurance: Its Significant Role in Achieving Better Business Life


Credit insurance is vital for companies, as banks demand one as collateral for loaning money. It’s a significant component of financial packages extended to companies because it covers a wide range of risks. For instance, when companies get their receivable goods insured, getting credit becomes easy. Adequate insurance coverage allows the lending bank to give a good discount rate on the receivables to the borrower. This type of insurance makes it attractive for banks to lend money and establish beneficial relationships with merchants.


New Business Opportunities

Credit insurance is a great marketing tool, as having a client insure their goods from a foreign country means a bank has a brand new asset to deal with. It creates new, eligible clients and an opportunity to generate money fast. Whether it’s domestic or international insurance, insuring banks provide comprehensive inventory protection and endorsement. This facility is available only with a credit insurance policy.

Insurance endorsements let claims be filed against debtors who become insolvent when clients have made and traded on custom goods. When there’s an opportunity to get extended coverage on risk not previously covered, the lender can increase the ration of allowable assets.

Once the insurance coverage has been bought and paid for, clients or banks also offer insured letters of credit. This kind of credit insurance is very important when seller don’t have access to bank information. Open account relationships are usually preferred between buyers and sellers as well as open lines of insured credit, depending on the country in question.

Special Protection

UK credit insurance institutions also offer political risk policies that help clients protect their overseas assets. This specific type of policy is available to companies with a manufacturing base in a foreign country or those that buy goods routinely from overseas. This covers goods that have not reached the hands of the importers.

Insurance policies may also cover issues such as confiscated goods, frustrated contract negotiation, currency conversion, and nationalisation of manufacturing facilities, among others. Insurance is usually based on the needs of a client as well as trade requirements. Terms and conditions can be negotiated with the lending bank. Political risk insurance can be applied to open term sales if it has to do with commercial transactions. Credit insurance has helped companies of all sizes to do business and get access to better working capital.

Roof Experts: Bringing Solutions to All Your Repair Needs

house roof

The roof of any house is its most important feature. Its maintenance, repairs, and can be time-consuming and highly technical. A novice may not be able to handle such a job. So, as a responsible homeowner, look for a roofing expert for any roof repair job you need. Here’s a guideline to help you make the right choice:

house roof

  • Roofing is a major process, and roofs are home investments. So, making sure that you get the right value for your money is important.
  • An experienced roofer won’t only replace and repair your roof. He will also clean it if required. Finding the right roofer may be a time-consuming process. Asking friends, associates, and neighbors is a good way to start to get the right references. The Internet is also the right source to get the right information about the best roofers.
  • As strong roofs increase the energy efficiency of house, an experienced roofer will make sure that right roofing system is placed to match your city’s local climate.
  • A quality roofing system, when installed, improves the house’s value considerably. This is especially true if you’re thinking of selling it later. In fact, a new roof may attract more buyers. Roof repair companies will advise you on making the right decisions about appropriate roofing in case you intend to dispose of the house later.
  • Experienced roofing companies have trained personnel to install, clean, and repair any types of roofs. They adhere to strict quality and safety standards. They also provide complete services to give you the best returns for your investment.
  • They also give you confidence that once the job is complete, you won’t have to worry about leaks and cracks over the next twenty years at least. As the weather can be quite unpredictable at times, your roof will be your sole protector. Getting the right one installed by the right expert is your best bet.

Achieving Better Work Environment through Proper Office Interior Design

office space

When getting your office interiors done, it pays to understand certain concepts about interior designing. Interior designing falls into different categories and specialisations. These include:

  • Residential Design
  • Commercial Design
  • Healthcare Design (hospitals and clinics)
  • Exhibition Design (retail and trade spaces, zoos, and museums, among others)
  • Spatial branding or designing to enhance the brand image
  • Hospitality Design (hotels, resorts, clubs, conventions, and special events)

office space

Differences between Commercial and Residential Interior Design

Commercial interior designers are in-charge of the interior designs of commercial establishments such as office buildings and educational institutions. They work either as an employee of an architectural organisation or as an independent professional providing different interior services. According to The Caretakers, they also liaise with other professionals to check all the aspects of construction, including plumbing, air conditioning, and window treatments.

Residential interior designers, on the other hand, specialise in creating and designing the interiors of a house or a private residence. This can range from designing a house that is yet to be built to creating the interiors of a new house. It also includes remodelling of the interiors of an old residence.

Choosing a Commercial Designer

Consulting the clients

Before accepting the contract for your office interior design, meet with the designer first. Discuss the design thoroughly and make sure it matches with your business needs.

Estimating the plan

After signing the agreement, the interior designer will provide you with a blueprint of the initial plan. Once you accept the design, he’ll give you an estimate of the expenses. This will only proceed further after your approval.

Sourcing accessories

The office interior designer will give you suggestions on the best furniture and fabrics. He’ll also choose the right paint colours and artwork pieces appropriate for your office space.

Supervising the project

A good designer will always watch over the entire process and complete the task before the deadline. He will also encourage any changes and updates during the designing phase if need be.

Brand imaging and enhancement

Designers specialising on retail businesses are best suited to work on supermarkets, department stores, malls, and boutiques. They make sure that the overall design reflects the brand image of your company.

Get to Know Your Air Conditioning Unit Well

air conditioner

It is a known fact that air conditioning systems for commercial use consume about 5% of all electricity resources according to the latest Department of Energy data. Modern air conditioning systems are more efficient in terms of energy usage when compared to their older counterparts. Switching to an energy-efficient system offers many great benefits to the environment. It also reduces your electricity bills. Here is a discussion of the efficiency of commercial air conditioning units.

air conditioner

EER Rating

According to many service providers of commercial air conditioning systems, the energy efficiency of air conditioners is measured based on the EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio scale for complying with national appliance standards. This refers to the amount of electricity expressed in wattage to produce cooling.

Room air conditioners need to have an energy efficiency ratio of 8.0 to 9.8. The higher the rating of the unit, the better the efficiency it provides in terms of electrical consumption. Units with higher EER are expected to offer savings anywhere from ten to thirty percent, when compared to an unrated unit.


Buying the correct size of air conditioners plays an essential role when it comes to energy efficiency. Bigger units use more power than smaller ones because they cycle on and off more often.

A smaller unit running for longer periods is much more energy efficient. To select the appropriate sized air conditioner you need to consider at least 20Btu of power per square foot of the area.

Placement of the Unit

To maximize the efficiency of commercial air conditioning units, they should be installed appropriately in the room to ensure that the internal mechanisms as well as the drainage systems are running properly.

To reduce the heating effect on the unit’s heat exchange, you need to install the air conditioner in a shaded area particularly on the north or the east side of the room.

Place the unit away from other electrical items like TV sets and lamps. The heat coming from adjacent electrical appliances can trigger the air conditioner to switch on unnecessarily and hence use more power. For narrow rooms that are also long, choose an air conditioning unit that features fan controls to push cooler air deeper.

If you want your unit to last long, proper AC cleaning and maintenance is necessary.