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A Suburban Community: A Place to Call Home

city of Melbourne

Living in the suburbs has its attractive features. You can get a property there with a spacious house and a big space for the kids. It’s also quiet, unlike in the city where there are more people and traffic on the streets. You can also spend more time outdoors and lead a healthier lifestyle with the fresher air and surroundings.

city of Melbourne

Such a relaxed way of living can be found in Burnside, which is part of the Melbourne countryside. It’s situated on the upper side of the Kororoit Creek Trail where you can enjoy walking, biking, and being out in nature. Lots for sale are available in Burnside, with supplies in the town’s shopping centre.

Searching for the Right Home

The two main factors to consider when looking at suburban properties are the quality of construction and the prices. There are many reputable residential developers in Burnside, which have reasonable rates. Check out information from and other resource sites, and These will help you in search for a good suburban property.

Visiting Different Communities

Make your vacations to the country a double purpose as you explore areas where you’d like to settle down. Talking to suburban developers can be good starting points as you plan your upcoming move.

iPad 4: The Best iPad Yet


The fourth generation iPad, launched six months after the release of iPad 3, came as a bit of surprise. When everyone was expecting an iPad Mini, Apple gave a tablet with a great Retina Display, faster connectivity, more compact Lightning connector, and uses the brand new Apple A6X processor.


Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Magnificent Retina Display

iPad 4’s top feature is the Retina Display, which has been dubbed by many tech experts as “the best screen available on tablets.” The device’s 9.7-inch screen has 264 PPI, providing viewers with better browsing, image viewing, and movie-watching experience. If you’re planning to buy or upgrade to the fourth generation iPad, make sure to buy a sturdy iPad 4 case and accessories to protect the device’s high resolution screen.

Great Design

The fourth generation iPad is a little thicker and heavier than its predecessors. It features an oleophobic scratch-proof glass, curved edges, and aluminum chassis. It also comes with a new lighting connector, which you can use for all your connection needs. Other iPad 4 accessories, such as chargers, docking, speakers, screen protectors, and keyboards are widely available.

Faster and Greater

The fourth generation iPad performs CPU-reliant tasks twice as fast as its predecessors. It was shipped with iOS 6.0, which provides a faster and greater platform for audiovisual media, including electronic books, films, periodicals, music, presentations, computer games, and web content.

Tests and benchmarks conducted by technology sites suggests that iPad 4 is the fastest Apple mobile device available today, surpassing a “record” that the iPhone 5 held for a specific period.

FSCS Delays Proposed Interim Levy

man holding Pounds

It appears that the UK’s financial advisers will not need to pay an increased charge to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) quite as early as they might originally have thought. Instead of imposing an interim levy for the current financial year, the additional funds the FSCS requires will be raised by an increase in the regular levy for 2014/15.

man holding Pounds

Source of Funding

The FSCS is the compensation fund for customers of financial institutions which have been declared insolvent. It provides complaint redress if complaints are upheld, and refunds amounts held in deposit accounts (up to £85,000) and investments (up to £50,000) if the institution fails. Yet the burden for funding this compensation necessarily falls on firms who have not experienced financial difficulties, as the FSCS’s only source of funding is its levy on firms as authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation Authority.

Debates over Funding Failed Companies

In November 2013, the FSCS provoked anger amongst the advisory community by suggesting it was set to impose an interim levy to meet a £29.5 million funding shortfall. It said that the shortfall arose largely due to the amount of compensation paid to clients of Catalyst Investment Group and Rockingham Independent Ltd. These companies sold a great many investment bonds invested in the ARM Asset Backed Securities life settlements fund, which collapsed in 2011.

Nevertheless, the size of the levies being imposed in recent years – the annual levy was £78 million in 2013/14 – has fuelled the debate over whether it is fair to ask the industry as a whole to fund the small minority of failed companies.

Living Vertically: Reasons Condos are becoming a Trend

condominium building

As the population in urban areas becomes denser, the land prices in major cities also go sky-high. Compared to houses, condominiums in the Philippines are relatively affordable. This is the main reason besides expats, more and more locals prefer to rent a condo than to buy a house.

condominium building

Read on to know why condos are becoming popular among many.

Maintenance and Amenities

Because condos are compact and well laid-out, they’re easier to maintain compared to a house. If you’re looking for condominiums here in the country, there are many affordable units to choose from. Fabulous condos for rent in Makati may be a bit more pricier (the place being the Central Business District of Manila), but the maintenance and amenities are all worth it: exquisite lobbies, swimming pools, high-speed elevators, gym, and other amenities for your enjoyment.

Beautiful View

Living in a high-rise residence lets you appreciate the beauty of the city set against a blue sky. Depending on the location, you might even have a view of the ever famous Manila Bay and the mountain ranges of Rizal.


Condominium buildings provide 24/7 security. Condos have CCTV cameras installed in different areas to monitor the movement and traffic. Security guards ensure safety of its residents by making sure that the entry and exit of guests are properly checked.

Prime Location

Many condos in the Philippines are located in prime locations such as Makati, Taguig, Pasig, and Alabang. Most properties are close to places of employment, malls, dining centers, and even embassies.

Condominiums may not be a place where you can build an herb garden, but it can be also a place you can call home, without the hassles of maintenance and renovations now and then.

The Rocks, Sydney: Seeing the World through a Better Place

view of Harbour bridge

Spending some time at The Rocks is a must-do Sydney experience for tourists. It is the perfect place to escape the stress of everyday. Whether you are visiting for the weekend or vacationing in town for months, you can enjoy the best things the city has to offer by checking into luxurious accommodations at The Rocks.

view of Harbour bridge

Do some artefact hunting

See, hear, and feel what the place was once like. The Rocks Discovery Museum is a free admission museum that tells the story of the area from pre-European days to the present. The place is packed with hundreds of years of history.

Let Sydney Visitor Centre and Sydney Harbour Bed and Breakfast help you make the most of your stay in Sydney by providing maps, advice, and an accommodation booking service.

Go bridge climbing

See Sydney like you have never seen it before. Take the climb of your life to the top of the Harbour Bridge. It will give you a bird’s eyeview of the place. To better explore the area, climb leaders will guide visitors to the middle of the steel bridge and then to the top.

Make your life more fun by visiting The Rocks. You can unlock the hidden secrets of one of the world’s most favourite cities.

Finding Out Your Business’ Proper Market Position

in a business meeting

You have to know your market position before you try to establish your brand. Leading PR agencies in the UK and other parts of the world utilise marketing and communications strategic research before rolling out a campaign.

in a business meeting

The Difference

What are your company’s unique attributes? Define which aspect of the business makes you distinct and use that as an edge when compared to the likes of your closest competitors.

Note that being different is not enough, you will also need to consider the following elements:

  • Attraction – You need to offer products and services that will attract customers and will add value Unilever, for instance, produces a wide range of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products that address the daily wants and needs of the general public.
  • Distinction – To achieve successful, positive brand recognition, your products and services need to stand out in the marketplace. Offer a product that only you can provide in your company’s own unique way. For example, Royal Dutch Shell is the only oil and gas company that sells nitrogen-enhanced petrol at its service stations. Whilst most companies in most industries cannot simply create a new product, service orientation is one aspect that can become a key differentiator.


Focus on a target audience that will be your key revenue generators. First, take time to understand why they buy what they buy. Naturally, the difference between two different demographics and the reason they make their particular purchasing decisions, i.e. men and women can be significantly different. It’s best to consider and understand what is trending. Increasingly with social media, companies can obtain competitor market research easily. Further, with social media, the ability to understand consumer perceptions is enhanced. This research can provide valuable initial insights into how you might be able to differentiate your offering.

Understandably, tt may take some time to find your own distinctive market position. PR agencies understand how to research markets in terms of demographics and product/service differentiation. Enlist PR agencies to find out how your business could make the most of its own unique competencies.

Home Suite Home: Renovating the Master Suite

hotel furniture liquidators

The master suite is like a sanctuary where you can rest after a long, tiring day. It has everything you need, from the bathroom to the bed. If you want to make the space more appealing, however, a renovation might be a good idea. Here’s how you can do it:

hotel furniture liquidators

Where to Get Materials

When hotels get rid of old dressers, mirrors, and tables and chairs, hotel furniture liquidators and resellers take them and sell these items at a lower price. Most are in good condition, as hotels always maintain the appearance and quality of their furniture to impress guests. Other places where you can find affordable furniture include warehouse sales, flea markets, and auctions.

Designing the Suite

Master suites usually have more furniture and fixtures than other bedrooms, so you’ll need to create a floor plan to keep it organized. Place the bed in the middle of the room to create a main focal point. If you have big windows, you can have a small table and seats beside it to serve as your reading area. Keep the closets and dressers at a corner or near the bathroom. A small nightstand beside your bed is also ideal for lamps and other necessities.

Make the master suite a more pleasing and comfortable space. Look for furniture liquidators and other sellers to find the right materials for your renovation project.

Be Smart: Buying a New or Used Car

inside a car shop

Whether you’re buying a new car from a local Toyota dealer or eyeing a used vehicle from Pickles Auction, here are some tips to help you get the best deal possible.

inside a car shop

Learn to Negotiate

Look for price quotes from at least three local dealers for a better deal on a new car. Make sure to take the lower price and negotiate with other dealerships. Some people find this method stressful and time-consuming, but the potential savings are worth your time at the end of the day. Keep in mind that a good deal involves an enjoyable shopping experience aside from the lowest selling price.

Do Your Homework

Buying vehicles at auctions is probably the most affordable way of getting behind the wheel. Before you put on your buying hat, though, make sure to do your research first. Remember that there’s no room for complaints if things don’t work well at an auction. Learn about everything from registration to the actual bidding process.

Note that you’ll probably see some tempting models that weren’t on your list before. Learn to stick to the plan and don’t make stupid and spontaneous decisions. Always look for the car you’re after and check it over to avoid regrets later.

Buying a car in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, or wherever else is no simple decision. There’s a lot of money involved so take your time to find the perfect car.