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Why Live in Rockwell, Makati

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Rockwell Center is a 15.5-hectare land that used to be a thermal power plant run by the biggest electricity supplier in the Philippines. When the plant closed down in 1995, Rockwell Land Corporation took over and developed the area in an effort to transform it into a prime commercial center. If you’re undecided about apartments for rent in Rockwell Center, here are some reasons to forge ahead with your plans:

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  1. Workplace – The abundance of office towers in Rockwell Business Center is home to local and foreign companies alike. The Central Business District is also just a few minutes’ drive away.
  2. Recreation Areas –The Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Tent, One Rockwell, and many other entertainment and dining areas will keep you busy during the weekends or even after work. Reward yourself with delicious food prepared by some of the country’s best chefs, shop until you drop, or stay fit by jogging or hitting the gym.
  3. Near Schools – The apartments for rent in Rockwell Center are also ideal for the whole family. Ateneo Professional Schools, Makati Elementary School, and Makati Science High School are within the area and provide high quality education.

These are only some of the benefits of living in Rockwell Center. Find your ideal apartment through agents and listing websites and discover more of what this area has to offer.

Signs That You’ve Found the Right Neighbourhood

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Moving to a new city like Melbourne is a good way to start anew. Whether you’re buying a house or buying land for sale in Cranbourne or elsewhere, here are some signs that you’ve found the right neighbourhood:

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  1. Sidewalks –These will keep your family safe on the streets, as everyone can walk or ride a bicycle and scooter to get around. These are also a necessity for walking your pets and daily jogs.
  2. School – If you have children, the school’s distance from your home is important. You don’t want it to be too far away. It’ll only waste their time instead of playing, doing their assignments, or sleeping early.
  3. Recreational Areas – After a tiring week, the family needs to relax and unwind. Whether you want to go to the Cranbourne Racecourse and Recreation Reserve or stay within community areas like The Hunt Club, you’re in the right neighbourhood if there are facilities for sports and other activities nearby.
  4. Public Transportation – Nearby bus stops and train stations allow you to travel easily. Be aware of the schedules, though, so you know if you can leave early or go home late.

Before buying a house or land for sale in Cranbourne, Albert Park, or any other suburb in Melbourne, you need to observe the neighbourhood. This way, you won’t regret your decision after making the big move.

The Difference between Drainage and Sewage

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If you’re looking for plumbing services in San Diego or elsewhere in California, make sure you’re fully aware of what you need done. Drainage and sewage systems aren’t the same, but some people confuse the two and use them interchangeably, when they shouldn’t. This is why knowing about their significant differences will help make working with local plumbing companies easier.

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Drains are pipes that collect wastewater from residential and commercial properties, such as kitchen sinks and bathrooms. Then, a specific pipe called lateral drain, usually found under roads and public pavements, brings wastewater away from your property. Drainage systems are a homeowner’s responsibility, so you’ll need to contact local plumbing services in San Diego or wherever you live for help.


Sewers collect wastewater from drainage systems, but not all houses have access to these. Some have access pool, septic tank, or treatment plants instead. Most sewage systems are owned publicly or by water companies, so you won’t be responsible for any related costs if you’re already paying your sewerage fees. Unlike drainage systems, these companies will be responsible for everything.

While these two systems help drain and collect wastewater from your property, their scopes are different. Before hiring plumbing companies, make sure to know what kind of service you need to hire.

Don’t You Dare Touch My Ute: Tips to Protect Your Tools from Thieves

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As a tradesman, your tools are your treasures so it’s important to protect them both physically and financially. Your high quality tools from GTPRO, Power Tools UK or Klein Tools are your investment.

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Many criminals sell stolen tools for a fraction of their real cost. Though you can’t stop tool theft entirely, there are a few things you can do to protect them from thieves.

Don’t Leave Your Tools Lying Around

Theft is an opportunity basis. Place your toolboxes properly to the tray of your Ute and provide a solid lock on the doors or lids. You should also look at the hinges. Make sure yours are durable as some toolboxes have weak hinges.

Engrave Your Tools with a Special Marking

You’ll have the best chance of recovering your stolen tools if you put a mark on them. Marking your tools may not stop thieves from taking them, but it’ll make them easier to identify. You should also keep a comprehensive record of your equipment, from your most pricey power tools to every little drill bit you have.

Insure Your Equipment

If your tools such as keyhole saw and power mixers have been stolen make sure you have an insurance to cover their replacement. All you need to do is to present some form of evidence of ownership to the insurance company like copies of receipts and owner manuals.

Your tools are an important part of your work, so it’s worth the effort to protect them from possible theft.

How to Reset a Slide-Operated Coin Mechanism

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People in Utah use slide-operated coin mechanisms for different coin-based services, including newspaper racks and coin-operated commercial washing machines. These devices and machines have vertical slots that are set in width to match that of specific coins. Some of these vertical slots can also take in coin-shaped tokens.

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If you’re having trouble with the slide-operated coin mechanism in your commercial washing machine, simply reset it. Resetting the mechanism is easy and may not require a commercial washer service in Utah, especially if you follow these steps:

Unlock the Coin Box

Unlock the coin box and then remove any coins out of it. If you’re cleaning a jammed mechanism, remove the bent coin or token causing the problem.

Work the Slide

Work the slide back and forth with the box open and then look for areas where it may be sticking. To fix this problem, apply some machine oil in the affected areas.

Remove the Cover

Remove the cover plate from the top of the coin box if you’re changing prices. Unscrew it and replace it with another that matches the price of the service you want.

Check the Width

Check the width of the “pincher” at the back of the plate to make sure the proper coin can both go through the plate and pass through the pincher without being too loose. After all, loose coins won’t register as payments.

Resetting the slide-operated coin mechanism on your washing machine is easy. If you have a more serious problem with it, get professional commercial washer services.

Growing Herbs in Your Kitchen

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Herbs are a great addition to your living space, as an indoor garden full of these plants provides extra colour and fragrance in the area, not to mention that it would make your cooking easier as you could snip away a few leaves to put on your salad.

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Here are some important elements you should consider when growing herbs.


Not all herbs require a full eight hours of sun per day, as some prefer part sun only. For the most part, herbs would need daylight to thrive. Place your garden near a sun-drenched window.


The health of the soil plays a highly important role in nurturing your plants, so make sure that you cultivate the earth you would use for the herb garden. Buy fertiliser online to keep your soil nourished. Research online to know more about fertilisers for your lawn and garden.


All plants need water to survive, but too much of it would harm your plants. Use pots of decent sizes with good drainage so that it would be easy to wash away excess water and prevent it from drowning your herbs. You will need to water frequently, as pots dry out rather quickly.

Know in which conditions your plants prosper to keep them in good shape. With a well-maintained herb garden, you would easily have a prettier and more functional kitchen.