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Flat Hunting for Students: How to Secure a Safe and Affordable Living Space

student letting agents

student letting agentsDue to time constrictions, most full-time students find it difficult to earn enough money to cover the cost of rent. Fortunately, you can choose from a range of options that can help you secure a safe and affordable living space.

Finding and leasing a safe and affordable living space successfully can also be a challenging and time-consuming task. To make it easier, consider these guidelines:

Start the Search in Advance

It’s ideal to start the process of finding a living space more than a few months in advance of your move-in date. This allows you to find a living space that suits your location, financial, and social needs. This also provides you sufficient time to plan your schedule.

Consult Student Life and Financial Aid Departments

Consult your school’s student life and financial aid departments. These departments often partner with local flat or apartment complexes. This provides students with special deals and discounts on apartment rentals close to the campus.
Contact these departments at least three to four months prior to the beginning of the term. This allows you to find the most desirable living space locations, lease terms, and rent fees.

Contact Letting Agents

Contact local letting agents specialising in student accommodations. Taking into account your location, financial, and social needs, these letting agents can help you find the most suitable living space.

Acting as an intermediary between prospective tenants and landlords, local student letting agents can also negotiate the lease terms and rent fees for you. They can help you arrange all the necessary documents and requirements before you have to sign the tenancy agreement.

Decide On Having a Flatmate

Decide whether you want a flatmate. Most students prefer to lease a two or three bedroom flat. With that said, even though you’ll have to sacrifice a bit of privacy, splitting the cost of a two or three bedroom flat can save you money.
If privacy is more important to you, however, get a one-bedroom studio-style flat. This is often more affordable than leasing a standard one-bedroom with segmented areas.

Calculate the Rent Amount

Before signing the lease, calculate the amount of rent for one semester. If you’re planning to sign up for a student loan, add this amount to the amount you’ll need for your education. Most private loans allow students to use this amount for living space rentals, especially if they’re a full-time student.

There are other means to find a safe and affordable student accommodation. To learn more about them, research further or ask for recommendations from family and friends.